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  Mass Infotech Pvt. ITI


Launch Batch-Retail
Retail Batch Start on 16th Jan, at Ranchi Center
Launch Batch- Accounting
Ranchi Center under DDU-GKY Roshni Project (MoRD)
Empanelled and Sign MoU
As STP in EST&P Component of NULM in State of Bihar.
Start Ranchi Center as Model Center in Jharkhand
Under DDU-GKY Roshni Project
Start OJT and Placement drive
Retail and Accounting Batch from Chatra Center
Start Training Center- Chatra, Jharkhand
Under DDU-GKY Roshni Project
Sign MoU with State of Jharkhand.
Under EST&P Component of NULM
Sign MoU with RSLDC- ELSTP
Employment Linked Skill Training Program- Rajasthan.
Sign MoU with RSLDC- Rajasthan
Project of Livelihoods Enhancement (Wage & Self employment) of Women through Skill Programme.
Mass Infotech Society

Company Profile

(Mass Infotech Society MIS) is the pioneer in Engineering and Non-Engineering education in India having a rich experience of 13 years of operation in this sector.

MIS’s edge in the Engineering and Non-Engineering education sectors is the result of its strong market orientation. In the recent years, MIS has become more perceptive to industry needs and created special programs and curriculum that plug many of these requirements. MIS’s training forays into markets such as engineering-enabled services, IT-Assisted Education and its attempts to bridge the divide between the formal and non-formal education domains are a sign of its commitments in this direction.

As MIS has continuously engaged itself in training and capacity building in various part of the country, the survey and research has became an integral part of operation. Periodically survey being conducted by MIS to know the market demand, study the skill gap and in order to train the youth in such gap to meet the industry demand. Research remained a continuous process to explore the new possibilities in the area, to figure out the wants of the youth, the direction they are thinking to move ahead in life, and what methodologies can be adopted to streamline them towards a positive direction.

The fact that MIS has stThe fact that MIS has striven in the past 13 years to maintain the high quality of its courses, the content and its delivery, has made the company one of the most trusted names in IT education in India today. From its end, MIS has ensured it pursued the highest quality standards for its processes and whether it is the ISO 9001-2008, MASS INFOTECH SOCIETY has done it all.

Details of experience

  • Total Years of Experience: 13 years
  • Multiple Management Industrial Training centers’
  • Project with J&K Govt.
  • SGSY special Project in partnership with Tally, NIIT, IL&FS at Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra
  • Project of SUDA – Bhopal & Karnataka

    We have strong existence around the India i.e.


    Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh


    Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh


    Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal & Orissa


    Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
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